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Pre-load 1

It's my view that (say) a 200 pound per inch spring is a 200 pound per inch spring. So, all these guys playing with their preload settings "stiffening up the back will improve it" aren't doing anything of the sort. What they are doing is raising the point at which their springs start to work. So, over softer bumps the suspension isn't compliant and on harder bumps the initial transmitted shock is higher and could lead to actual loss of grip as the bike skips.

I know it's not quite that simple, ground clearance, squat etc. comes into it. But as a general rule, surely settings should be as soft as your bike, weight, riding style etc. allows. The whole point of having suspension is for it to be as compliant as possible, to keep those tyres on the road.

But, jacking up the rear before bunging a pillion or touring load on the back makes sense. That load would cause the rear to sag, changing the bikes geometry. What the preload adjuster does do is correct the rear's ride height and keep the bike stable. Comments to Oz.
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