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Many people are now coming back to biking after a long break but things have changed !

Modern motorcycles can be much bigger and will certainly offer performance that can surprise a biker returning to the sport and the road isn't the place to re-learn your skills.

Riding "rules" have also changed, as has the Highway Code. Frankly, riding in the way motorcyclists were trained years ago would now cause the accident. Most car drivers are blissfully unaware of these changes but they are in a big steel box, easier for better / more up to date motorists to avoid.

If you are coming back to biking on a Provisional Entitlement, you will have to take the Compulsory Basic Training Course (CBT) first.

Returning after too long a break ? We continually assess you and "tailor" the course so as to spend more time on the elements you need, we can cover: -
Rider machine maintenance, legal requirements, slow speed manoeuvres, emergency braking, road rules, road positioning and defensive riding techniques, then road practise.

For riders with more recent experience but wanting some practice before returning to the road. We can cover the same elements but expect you will quickly recover the basic skills, allowing more time and practice on more advanced elements. There will be much more "road time".

You will spend most of your ½ or full day on-road with our qualified Instructor in radio contact at all times, giving expert tuition. We will help you get the most from your machine, improve your skills and confidence.