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30th Birthday discounts !!!

Taster £20.00

Assess £ Free

CBT £135 now £120

Example Courses:
6 Session DAS £700
Now £658

8 Session Split DAS
Mod 1 £465
Mod 2 £345
Was £810 now £780


See main text for details.


Course Prices - Menu

Birthday discounts:-
£15 off a CBT
£30 off a Test Course

Our training is designed to be flexible and affordable, choose from our menu of options.
You can even pay in installments, and friends and relatives could add gift vouchers.

We provide everything you need; including bike hire, helmet, armoured jacket, gloves, waterproofs, Insurance and, of course, first class instruction.

New Prices, with birthday discounts, applicable to all bookings made from 1st Feb 2014:-

Taster Session
The "Get-On-Yer Bike" Scheme, backed by local Bike Dealers.
We offer an inexpensive Taster session as a confidence booster before booking a CBT course.
If you've never ridden, we recommend a "try before you buy" at only £20.00 and that fee is refunded against your CBT booking, so effectively free of charge too!

Free Rider Assessment
Prior to booking your test training course, we give a wholly free assessment ride. A short ride with an Instructor to assess what you know - and what you need.

Our pricing structure is wholly transparent, designed to be flexible and affordable, all as set out below. There are no hidden extras.

CBT on either Moped or Motorcycle.
Although it's a double session, we do subsidise CBT.
It's the starting point for all and very many are youngsters getting their first job, so only £135.00
and now just £120.00 with our birthday discount !

Training Sessions
Hourly lessons - £30.00 per hour, (just like your car test training really) or:-
½ Day training sessions - £90.00
So what is a 1/2 day session? Normally an 8.45 start and about 12.30 finish.
That's a prebrief, a 3 hr training session and then the debrief.
The pre and post training briefings are outside of the 3 hr training slot.
We do give real value for money, you're paying for the training, not the talking.
Full Day - double sessions - £ 180.00
Again, a prebrief, a 6 hr training session (with lunch break) and debrief.
Again, real value for money.

Test Fees
The DSA Motorcycle test fees are currently:
Theory test - £23.00, Module 1 test
- £15.50, Module 2 test - £75.00

Courses are designed to suit individual needs.
Please phone and discuss your best route to achieve.

For example, using the "menu" of prices above, these can be as little as:-

6 Day Course 6 sessions over 6 days, adds up to only £700.50. Now, with our birthday discount on the CBT and the test course is just £655.50 .
Example: CBT, Theory test DVD hire and Theory Test; 5 further sessions with Mod. 1 & 2 tests.
It must be stressed that any 6 Session course will really only suit a more experienced rider.
Strip out the CBT and that two of those sessions are actually the Mod 1 & Mod 2 tests; you're left with only 3 of those sessions that are actually training and practice time!
It can be done but less experienced riders will always do better on our 8 session courses.

Module 1 Training session for 125cc - £90.00
Example: Own bike, own test, for an experienced rider:-
A half day session specific to Module 1, for the candidate to then practise independently prior to test, so that's only £90.00. Yes only £90.00 is possible.
Module 1 Training for 125cc
Example: Our bike, our test, for a moderately experienced rider:-

A half day session specific to Module 1 and if confident, another half day session with one of our prebooked Module 1 tests included.
From the "menu", that's 2 @ 1/2 day sessions and the Module 1 test fee (£90 + £90 + £15.50) that's £195.50. Yes only £195.50 is possible.

Our Most Popular Courses are:-
Roadrider - £90.00
1/2 day session and highly recommended by the DSA.
Ideal for people who've just completed CBT, to sharpen their skills or, perhaps for people going from auto to manual.
Or simply as 1/2 a day at a time training, a more affordable route to test.

Refresher - £90.00
1/2 day session, recovering those skills, getting back up to speed and abreast of current best practice.

Advanced / Improver - £90 or £180.00 to choice.
Either a 1/2 day or double session. This the best money you'll ever spend on your bike!

Please take advantage of our Free Assessment (see above), most then book:-

Test Training & Module 1 Test - 5 Sessions + Test, adds up to £465.50
2 Full day - double sessions and a 1/2 day session with the Module 1 test prebooked.
All on the test bikes. We don't advocate changing bikes mid-course, get as much practise on the test machines as you can!
Test Training & Module 2 Test - 3 Further Sessions + Test, adds up to £345.00
1 Full day - double session and a 1/2 day session with the Module 2 test prebooked.
On the same machines as used for the module 1 training and test.
That added up to £810.50 but now only £780.50 with our birthday discount.

Or just go for it:-
4 Day Intensive Course with Module 1 and 2 tests both prebooked.
All on our test machines. As above, it's still 8 sessions and tests £810.50, now £780.50

Dependent on availability, your Module 1 test can be on day 3 with the Module 2 on day 4 but we do our best to arrange both on Day 4, the more time in the saddle before tests the better!

Other Stuff:-

Retests - If you are unlucky and don't pass at the first attempt (most do pass first time), it's normally "test nerves" and certainly not that you aren't at test standard.
Yes, further fees will apply but - most importantly, we arrange your retest at the earliest opportunity - while the training is still fresh, so you can avoid the cost of extra retraining.

Training ratios:-
CBT and DAS training is max 2 Candidates to 1 Instructor on road - by law.

We MUST be informed of any special needs prior to booking.
All bookings are subject to our standard terms and conditions.
You must have (and bring with you) :-
A Provisional Licence / licence entitlement with photo ID and
A valid motorcycle theory test pass certificate (for test training courses, NOT needed for CBT).
A valid full Licence for Advanced / Refresher courses.

VAT Registration No. 123887300
All prices shown are inclusive of VAT where applicable.
DSA fees are, however, outside the scope of VAT.
Where included in any price quoted above, the total price will comprise both Vat'd and non-Vat'd elements.
A Vat Invoice can be issued on request, confirming the VAT analysis.