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De-restricting Mopeds

Learner Legal Bikes

33 and 47 Bhp restricted bikes

First, before working on any bike:- Start by cleaning it!
It's so much nicer working and not getting dirty.
So, here's really good article on cleaning and looking after your bike, sent in by the a youth centre no less


De-restricting Mopeds

To be fair, we have a lot of sympathy with those 16 yr-olds who de-restrict their Moped. After all, since CBT was introduced, they're all trained and only being capable of 28 mph can itself be dangerous!

Now there's an added quirk. If your licence is pre- 19/1/2013, you'll have a Group P, that's a Moped up to 32 mph.
A licence from 19/1/2013 will have Group AM, that's a Moped up to 28 mph. All mopeds imported since 2003 meet this specification but earlier ones might not - be careful !

However, legally, a Moped is defined as up to 50 cc and with a restricted design speed. So, de-restricted and doing 45 mph, how easy are you to spot ? A rather easy "pull" for your local copper.

Get caught doing 45, then it's clearly not legally a Moped, so it's a Motorcycle, do you have a licence for that ? That's followed by a ticket to produce your documents, what's your insurance ? You can get an awful lot of points very quickly. Remember that New Drivers (for the first 2 yrs) get banned at only 6 points.

And it can be expensive, Insurance Companies can be wrigglers. Stack your de-restricted bike and the assessor might just tell you "what insurance". Oz
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Learner Legal Bikes

Don't assume that, because it's a 125, it's OK to ride it on L Plates. The legal definition of a learner m/c is up to 125cc and power up to 11kW (14.6 Bhp).

Nowadays, even some 125cc rockets are over that. For example, the Aprilia RS125 rates 33 bhp ! For that you have to have passed at least the A2 test (and loads of fun too). Oz
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33 Bhp restricted bikes

For those of you who took the A2 test before 19/1/2013, the old rules will still apply.

For 33 Bhp bikes, you still have loads of choice. Buy a bike of 33 Bhp or less, or get any bigger bike restricted. All these guys can still buy ANY bike they like and restrict it to 33bhp. Usefully, the manufacturers are keeping the "old" 33 bhp restrictor kits available for the 2 years that they'll still be needed for.

Most of the bigger bikes can be restricted but do check before you buy. Your Dealer can check that out for you. Always make sure you get the certificate that you might have to show the Police officer !

Although nearly all bikes can be restricted, not all seem to like being "choked". I'm told the Bandit 600 runs beautifully in restricted mode but doubt a Blade would. It's best to ask around for someone who's tried a particular bike, again, your dealer is the first step.

35 kW / 47 Bhp restricted bikes

Everyone taking their test after 19/1/2013 gets a rather more useful 47 bhp but they no longer get the automatic upgrade to Full A after 2 years.

The next quirk is that they can no longer restrict any bike to 47 bhp. The original bike must not have been more than twice the restricted power - so a max 70 kw (93 bhp) donor bike.
Now, most of the current more exotic 600cc bikes are over that, so choices are now limited for people with the new A2 licence.

Yes, just to confirm - a 17 year old with an A2 licence test pass 18/1/2013 can have an R6, restricted to 33bhp.
A 19 year old (new age limit) with an A2 test pass 19/1/2013 can't have an R6 at all !!!!
It's a ridiculous mess but we've got to work with it.

There's, as yet, too few 47 bhp bikes out there to buy new. We're really disappointed with the Manufacturer's response - too slow guys!
So, most of us will be getting bigger bikes restricted. The Manufacturers are supporting their current (under 93 bhp) models but aren't going into history - they've no interest in that.

When buying secondhand, needless to say, 47 bhp kits aren't so widespread as the old 33 bhp ones were. They simply won't go back into history making kits for all the older bikes. They need a volume of sales to make the engineering and testing worthwhile; so check before you buy !

The aftermarket guys (Kickstart Engineering / F1) are covering the more recent stuff so CB500, CBF500, ER5's etc. kits are available; don't give up hope!


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