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Instructor Training

Motorcycle Instructor Training Course (CBT & DAS)

The Department for Transport's Driving Standards Agency (DSA) is the regulatory body that supervises Approved Training Bodies (ATB's) and tests all Instructors. Our training is conducted to meet their requirements, for you to qualify through their examinations.

Channel Rider Training are an ATB, authorised since 1990 by the DSA as an Instructor Trainer.
Training with us is wholly professional, helpful and fun - exactly as the training you give will need to be and how the DSA want to see it too.

The Instructor Qualification process is under review but at present:-

There are varying levels of Instructor qualification :-

a) CBT 1 a "Down-Trained" Instructor, (qualified by an ATB, hence a CBT1 licence is only valid for use at the issuing ATB.)

Qualified CBT1 Instructors can undertake the training of novices in CBT, and up to 125cc (A1) Motorcycle test.

They can teach novices up to 125cc and issue CBT certificates but not carry out any A2 or Full A ("Big Bike") training.

To retain your licence, both the ATB's Chief Instructor and the local DSA Examiners must periodically review your performance. This is the minimum standard for Instructor status.

b) Cardington Assessed Instructor After undertaking a 2 day assessment at the DSA's Driving Examiner's Training Centre at Cardington, Bedfordshire you get the "C licence".

The ability to teach novices and (the hardest bit) to supervise other Instructors will be stringently tested. Cardington isn't a training course, it's a 2-day examination.
Failure isn't tolerated, the DSA will normally revoke your existing authorisation as well. Quite rightly, the DSA are extremely strict, to the point of being harsh.

So, you must be well prepared for the Cardington exam. You are allowed 1 retry but if you fail a second time, a one-year ban automatically applies.

If you pass, you will be qualified as a CBT, Supervising and Monitoring Instructor able to "down-train" other Instructors to CBT1 standard; train novices up to A1 (125cc) Motorcycle test pass and issue CBT Certificates. You are now qualified in your own right. You still can't carry out any A2 or Full A training but the demand from ATB's rises with this qualification.

c) Direct Access (DAS) Instructor Only after passing stage b) above, will you be qualified to attend at Cardington for DAS assessment, at a ½ day examination for the "D licence".

On passing that, you will have reached the top DSA Instructor level, qualified to teach novice motorcyclists through all stages, up to and including "Big Bikes" of unlimited power.

So, how do we do this ?

The only qualification actually required is a full Motorcycle Licence, held for at least three years. (You can train earlier but can't qualify until the 3-year threshold has been reached.) Any serious convictions (motoring or otherwise) will mean the DSA declining to accept you. Even too many minor convictions will rule you out, normally the limit's 5 points on your licence. If in doubt, we can clear this up before your training.

You can then apply to join one of our 5 day intensive courses. This will "Fast-track" you to taking the DSA Cardington assessment / examination, or simply prepare you to become a "Down trained" Instructor.

Your training, in both the Theory and Practical modules of the CBT course takes place at our Training Centre in Cheriton, Folkestone, Kent.

a) You will be taught to teach all the elements of CBT training. In fact we go beyond the DSA requirements.

We intend that all our candidates are comfortably above the required standard. For Cardington, you will need to be extremely well practised, to the point that you can undertake their examination in confidence. (Remember, they use "role play" not real pupils and intend to really test you.)

With us, wherever possible, you will also have the opportunity to work with genuine pupils of varying abilities; gaining real experience as well as with our Instructors providing more demanding "role play candidates".
All under the direct and close supervision of our Instructors of course !

b) We complete your training with specific preparation for the Cardington Assessment, to brief their "role-play" pupils and to understand what they are expecting from you. You must be extremely well prepared, if not you will be unlikely to pass.

c) When ready you can apply for a Cardington Assessment. You then attend their 2-day examination.

Cardington are presently considering integration of the CBT and DAS assessments. However, at present these are separate and the DAS element can only be taken after achieving the C licence.

Once you have your "C licence", come back and see us about further training before:-

d) We can then prepare you for the Cardington Direct Access Instructor assessment. When ready, you then attend their ½ day DAS examination.

On passing, you will be qualified as CBT Supervising & Monitoring Instructor with Direct Access.

That's it, you've finished !, so what else?

Accommodation can be arranged where needed.

You need to have a motorcycle of 500cc or above and be able to demonstrate a high standard of riding yourself.

The provision of training, motorcycles, insurance, pupil fuel, overhead costs etc. and all test fees (including re-test where applicable) are paid by Channel Rider Training.

Course documentation (training manual / aide-memoir (approved for use at Cardington during exam) are provided.

We will insure you to ride our and our pupil's machines when necessary.

Training dates:-

We normally run our courses (subject to demand) in the Spring and again in the Autumn (being a very successful school, Summer is usually too busy and winter's not fun!).

It's a lot to go through but we aim to be thorough, as you must be.
We hope this tells you all you need to know about training to be a Motorcycle Instructor and look forward to hearing from you.


Needless to say, of course we "Cherry Pick" the highest calibre candidates and may offer them the chance to join our team.